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With the lightning speed at which some established internet writing protocols take place, it is even more important to keep up to date. Search engine optimization strategies have not escaped the sweeping tide of change. To not get left behind in 2017, here are a few of the latest trends which will make it into the New Year and dominate. You’ll want to implement them without delay so that you can be easily discovered and continue to meet your goals in marketing your business.Hire Professionals to Produce Your Content

To obtain top quality, fresh, exciting and professional written content, many website owners have been seeking out the services of experienced SEO professionals to provide them with such content on a regular basis. You want to be able to consistently provide your audience with valuable content to keep them interested and of course rank well on the most popular search engines. Letting a professional handle this aspect of things takes the hassle off you and allows you to get your hands on content which can compete with the most successful websites out there.Optimize Your Website for Mobile Use

With more and more people being on the go, desktop searches have been eclipsed by searches via mobile devices. This makes it necessary for website owners to ensure that their sites are optimized for mobile use. A website which does not allow a seamless browsing experience is certain to lose viewership and business.E-commerce sites especially have to ensure that potential and existing customers can conduct their transactions smoothly and be encouraged to return. This adjustment is one which will extend beyond 2018, as with Google exploring mobile first indexing, it is clear that mobile is on the path to edge out desktop as the primary medium for searching.Accelerated Mobile Page Loading

With that being said about the future-leaning toward mobile, another thing site owners want to ensure regarding the loading of their websites on mobile devices is that the length of time is short. Interestingly, page loading time is something Google’s algorithms make use of to rank the individual pages on a website.In fact, they have facilitated this further by introducing an initiative which allows mobile browsers to open and load web pages significantly faster. In loading faster, they also use a lot less data which makes mobile, more appealing for use by a lot more people. This highlights that in the scheme of things where SEO trends are concerned, Google does note the loading speed of websites as an important ranking factor. Make Wide Use of Visuals

SEO facilitates the use of a wide array of visuals to be included along with textual content. Not only do people generally respond better to content mixed with imagery and illustrations, but it is also widely known that images and videos leave a deeper impression. SEO can be applied to these features through appropriate labelling, tagging and descriptions which will also help with your site ranking and encourage more likes and shares (does not affect ranking) than plain text only content.Build Backlinks to Reputable SourcesGoogle uses the inclusion of backlinks from your site to reputable or authority sites as a means of establishing the credibility of your site. This in effect bears directly on your ranking on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS). From now into 2018, you will want to make wise choices to establish connections with only trustworthy sites to link with yours and also be careful not to just unleash a flood of them even if you happen to become so fortunate. Leverage Voice Search Options

In our fast-paced existence, an increasing number of people have been making use of the voice command capabilities of their mobile devices to conduct searches. Bearing this in mind regarding your SEO strategies, it is important to include the top keywords in a natural way in your content so that when people use spoken commands, it is likely that your page will be discovered.Try not to be too wordy, which means that complete sentences may not be your best bet. Instead of saying “Where can I find a good car wash?” a searcher may say “Lauderhill car wash”. It is clear that with the current frequency with which voice commands are being used, they are poised to account for at least half of all web searches which will be conducted in the next 3 years, based on current research.The whole aim of SEO is to ensure that a site targets properly for the audience it wants to attract and of course ranks well with major search engines so that it can be discovered. To experienced continued success, staying current is not an option it is a necessity. With a properly optimized website, you will be able to achieve this and of course, continue to follow closely the ever-changing trends to maintain your competitive advantage.Written by:Sameer PanjwaniFounder & CEO of Mondovo guest article is a work of Sameer Panjwani, Founder & CEO of, an online marketing toolset that helps you track your rankings, monitor your site stats and research your competitors'. A man of many talents, Sameer occasionally writes about social media marketing, content marketing and SEO. In his free time, he loves reading about the latest trends in SEO as well as spending time with his two little daughters

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