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How to Speed up a Godaddy Wordpress Website

Why is my Godaddy Hosted WordPress Website Slow?

If you found this, it's probably because you're frustrated with the slow performance of your GoDaddy website.There's one thing that will speed up your GoDaddy hosted WordPress website, and it's been particularly important in 2018.Hopefully you've done the basics of making your website fast by doing the following

Basic WordPress speed tips:

  1. Ensure all images are smaller than about 200 Kilobytes. don't overload a website with more than about a Megabyte of images
  2. Use a more modern WordPress theme that's fast, like DIVI or Beaver Builder
  3. Use Google Pagespeed to find things wrong
  4. Keep everything up to date in WordPress
  5. Run a lien installation, avoiding lots of plugins and only using high quality publishers for plugins

if you've done all these things and your GoDaddy WordPress site is still slow, it's probably the PHP version.

Speed Up Your GoDaddy WordPress site by updating the PHP version

how do you upgrade the PHP version of your GoDaddy website? You'll need to login to your GoDaddy account and go to my products, and go to my hosting.Once you click in there you will find the site, and there should be a button to upgrade the PHP version. GoDaddy happen to have lagged in PHP versions over the last couple of years, and if you are at an old PHP version like 5.6, you will want to make sure that you are up-to-date on the more current version like PHP 7.2.

To speed up your WordPress site hosted on GoDaddy, you will probably need to update the PHP version from 5.6, to 7.2

updating PHP version has a significant effect on the speed of a WordPress install, but you still need to stick to the basics of running a clean, lean WordPress website.

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