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Here's How to Get Quality Backlinks

Quality Control: How to Find Great Backlinks

If you're on the hunt for quality backlinks (as opposed to the thousands upon thousands of other backlinks that you could be collecting easily) then you're already on your way to SEO success.There are a handful of ways to gather great backlinks easily, and a bunch of ways to do it that take a little bit more effort.However, there's one thing that we know for certain - getting quality backlinks that point to your site is almost always worth the effort.

...getting quality backlinks that point to your site is almost always worth the effort.

Before we get into some specific ways that you can start collecting backlinks for your site, we wanted to address the elephant in the room. Why does it even matter where your backlink is from?

Trustworthiness: A Pillar of Great SEO

Ever wondered why you should care where your backlink is from? Well, it didn't always make a difference! Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, any backlink was a good backlink.Google and other search engines saw any site pointing to any other as a vote of confidence, and as a result, it didn't matter where any link was from.A spam-ridden website could give a valuable vote of confidence to another site, and it helped that site move up insearch engine results.However, search engines have gotten smarter to combat these black hat SEO techniques. Nowadays, backlinks are heavily weighted, and certain sites offer extremely valuable links while other sites can actually harm yours by linking to you.To know what kind of site offers a valuable backlink, there are a few tools that you can consider using. First of all, we'd encourage you to consider using some of the tools Moz offers as a way to start figuring out who's backlink means what.Moz has a rating called domain authority that attempts to take a guess at how Google looks at a site. Some sites have a domain authority of almost 100, and those sites have very powerful backlinks.On the other hand, there are sites that have a low domain authority and a high spam score, and these sites can do massive harm to your site.

Ways to Find Amazing Backlinks

While you could just go somewhere and buy a bunch of low-quality backlinks for cheap, we'd encourage you to do some heavy lifting instead.Purchasing backlinks is very, very dangerous. Buying backlinks will severely damage your site's reputation in Google's eyes.

Buying backlinks will severely damage your site's reputation in Google's eyes.

That being said, here are some ways to work hard for links that will produce great results:

HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Help a Reporter Out is quite possibly the easiest way to earn authentic backlinks from reputable sources.By subscribing to the email newsletter, you'll be given three chances per day to read through a list of sources and journalists looking for experts on specific topics.The journalists looking for sources via HARO could be writing about anything from church marketing to summer wardrobes. In each HARO email, there are about 80 articles that need to be paired with an expert source.By simply sharing your expertise with journalists, you may have the opportunity to earn a backlink every now and then - just from writing out a few paragraphs on a subject you're familiar with!

Direct Outreach

Another great way to score backlinks is by reaching out to writers and bloggers directly. Admittedly, this is a little more difficult than reaching out via HARO.In fact, most of these writers aren't looking for sources. They didn't ask for you to share anything with them, and they may not have wanted your input in the first place.However, reaching out to writers directly can offer great rewards. The key is to offer something that is of value to them. They may not have any motivation to do you favors, but they will almost certainly accept an offer that can be seen as a favor for themselves.How can you offer a valuable service to a writer or blogger?We have several ideas, including:

  • Being an Active Member of Their Community (Before Asking For Anything)
  • Offering Them Great, Relevant Content
  • Sharing a Thoughtful, Genuine Testimonial
  • Filling a Knowledge Gap

Get creative! Successful bloggers and writers have people reaching out to them all of the time asking for favors. Try to figure out a way that you could somehow benefit someone else by offering them a unique value proposition.

Try to figure out a way that you could somehow benefit someone else by offering them a unique value proposition.

That being said, be careful not to offer something that would be insulting or - worse - black hat. You can't offer to pay for backlinks, and we wouldn't recommend exchanging products either. Even if you could, we doubt that most bloggers would.

Great Content

This final method for earning backlinks might be the most difficult of all. By producing great content, you'll have the opportunity to earn backlinks in the most organic way possible.If your blog clearly displays your expertise in such a way that others can utilize it for their posts, you'll find that backlinks start coming in faster than ever.The difficult part about this is that your control is very limited. The only thing that you can do to earn backlinks by producing great content is to write or produce it and then share it in any way that you can.Hopefully, people will find your content and make use of it. If they do, you will have struck gold.


If earning backlinks sounds difficult and time-consuming - that's because it is! Here at FeedbackWrench, we don't make any guarantees about how many backlinks we'll earn for you because we understand that quality should be sought over quantity.That being said, we have learned how to approach great quality publications and websites effectively so that we can earn backlinks that are honest, genuine, and effective.If you'd rather pass the backlink baton to someone else, we'd love to talk more about what FeedbackWrench can offer you or your company.

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