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How to be a Good Salesman: 20 Errors in Selling

Here are 20 ways to be a good salesman.

Or at least, here are 20 errors in selling that are getting in your way of being a good salesman.Sales is the lifeblood of any business, because without someone to pay you money to solve a problem or create, there’s no need to be around.

Sales is the precursor to all business activity.

Because sales is so critically important, I want to share what I’ll be writing more sales tips and advice on how to be a good salesman.

I believe that business comes down to two sides: Sales & Execution.

You have to find people to give you money in exchange for solving a problem or providing a product. Then after you make the sale, you can execute and fulfill that need.But salesmanship is critical because it’s the genesis of business. Without the opportunity, you can’t be in the business of fulfilling needs. I can’t emphasize this enough, when your team become good salesman, or saleswomen, then your entire company will benefit.And that’s because sales is not about pushing a product, it’s about finding the right people, with the right problem, at the right time, and then helping those people by using your solution to solve their problem.

Sales is really about people and problems.

Sales is about finding people or companies that have problems that need solving, and then engaging with them to find the ones that are a good fit for your value proposition.To keep this article short, I just want to provide some of the best advice I’ve ever read. This list is taken from the book “Sales Techniques” by Bill Brooks “Sales Techniques”So here are some of the best sales tips I've read,j and this is specificlally 20 mistakes or errors that people make when selling. This advice is incredibly helpful, and each of these could have an entire second written about them.

1- Talking Too Much & Listening Too Little

This is an easy one right?To be a good salesman, you'll need to not learn how to ask great questions, and draw out of people so they are sharing lots with you.When you're selling, you'll want to keep the talking to listening to about an 80/20 mix.When it is time to speak, learn to cover ground quickly with your words, and use questions or statements that end in a question.One way people get trapped into talking too much is they try to convince people of things, they go into presentation mode and can't stop, and they just start talking about their product and solution.I was just at Costco and had to wait by the meats for my wife as she met me with my four kids. There was a grill salesman there, and he started talking to me and just dove right into how awesome his grill was. I think he used one question, and then all he did was try to impress me with his grill and how awesome it was. He had know idea about

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