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Home Advisor Reviews: What Contractors should know before using Home Advisor

How to Stop Relying on HomeAdvisor, Thumbtack or Houzz

Learn how to take control of your small business destiny, especially for service businesses and construction.


Here's How to Stop Relying on HomeAdvisor, and Invest In Your Own Digital Estate.


Small businesses and General Contractors are often wondering, “how do I stop relying on Homeadvisor?”

Homeadvisor is a great way for many contractors, construction companies and entrepreneurs to get connected to customers, while simultaneously keeping record of their ability to deliver results.

I know dozens of construction folks that have made small fortunes with Homeadvisor, but eventually they come to the realization that they want to stop relying on HomeAdvisor.

WHy do they want to stop relying on HomeAdvisor?

Because when you build up your HomeAdvisor account, you’re essentially paying rent, rather than owning, your web clout.

The key to being findable on Google and Bing, is to have a well developed, trustworthy, and usable web content that also provides social proof that you fulfill promises.

When you invest time and money into HomeAdvisor, it’s like making additions, improvements and adding on new real estate to some else's property.

It’s for that reason, that I think people should stop relying on HomeAdvisor, and in this article, I’m going to talk to you about practical steps a contractor can make to drive sales and business with their own website..

How to Stop Relying on HomeAdvisor, and Invest In Your Own Digital Estate.

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