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Remodeler showcase 2019 from a digital marketer's perspective

as a digital marketer, I'm always curious to find out different marketing techniques for various calls to actions such as events, e-commerce, consultations, digital downloads, video views and other various options. Lately, I've been working with one of our clients, New Spaces remodeling, on their remodelers showcase events that are coming up this weekend, March 29th through 30, noon to 6:00 p.m.

The remodeler showcases put on by BATC, and the Parade of Homes, to show all of the Minnesota remodeling companies work for people dreaming of a new kitchen, bathroom or living area.

Remodeler showcase has been an interesting one, because you have so many different ways that you can market the event.

in this, there's about five different things that we've learned when it comes to marketing events.

Marketing the remodeler showcase with new spaces remodeling

7 Ways to Market the Remodelers Showcase & Parade of Homes

1: Use the new event schema markup

Google is doing some amazing things when it comes to the rich snippets, whether it's video, events, or even just answering a question.

If you are going to be doing an event, it's worth making sure that you put the event schema mark up on the page and submitted to the Google webmasters console early enough so that it can get index and be live on the events rich snippet.

Here's an example of what it looks like to get your event ranking in the Google Events Schema. If you're wondering how to do it, Google tells you here, and you can test your event schema here.

Marketing an event using the Google Events Schema.

2 Tap into your Remarketing Lists

The week leading up to the event, we have been using Google display, facebook and Instagram ads to show all of the people who have engaged with our previous Facebook ads, looked at our website, or spent any time on particular landing pages on our blog.

Simple Diplay Ads on Kare 11 leading up to the event:

We narrowed down these audiences within Google and Facebook, to only include people that are in Minnesota. We limit this because there are certain blog posts on our sites that will rank nationally, so you want to make sure that you limit your custom audience in Google and Facebook to only include people within your immediate area, and you might even want to omit specific blog posts from that custom audience.

remember, in order to do those custom audiences, you will have needed to have the Facebook pixel, and Google analytics, and AdWords tracking code installed in the header of your website. You can't do any remarketing to previous visitors unless you have those codes installed.

3, Use Every Platform

Google display, YouTube bumper ads, YouTube Discovery ads, Google search, Facebook video, Facebook ad posts, and Facebook events are all really good to help drive traffic to a specific event. We still haven't made good use out of LinkedIn tracking for new spaces, but that's coming up next.

4, Spend Appropriately in Paid Search to Dominate Traffic.

Look at the "average monthly" searches for Remodelers Showacse. It's almost all in the spring and fall, but notice how it spikes? Use Google Paid Search to dominate and win foot traffic.

remodelers showcase marketing keyword data from

When it comes to an event where multiple builders and competitors are going to be buying for traffic, it's important that you throw down in Google search and Bing search, to make sure that people are definitely getting introduced to your event.

it's important to remember that events like this tend to have a fatigue that will occur if you advertise too early. besides that fatigue, there are lots of your competitors searching those keywords and clicking on your ads, so you want to make sure that you don't spend too much too early on Google paid search in adverts. We recommend not starting paid search until a couple days before so that you are in front of the most immediate searchers.

5, Create a Landing Page You Will Use Every Year

this is the secret sauce, if you want to dominate in the parade of homes or the remodeler showcase, you need to create one or two pages that you will use an update throughout the years.

You can update and change a landing page every single year, to make sure that the most relevant projects are there, and you can even showcase some of your previous projects.

this is probably one of the biggest and most important factors when it comes to dominating with SEO for events like this.

6, Invest in Video and professional Photos Ahead of time.

See how the Google Rich Snippet is delivering VIDEO results on the front page here. New Spaces has a number of videos for the remodelers showcase such as this short remodelers showcase video, longer remodelers showcase video, and then this remodelers showcase bumper ad.

If you have amazing photos and professional video, you're going to be able to utilize all sorts of different social media reach and inbound search opportunities like YouTube, Google search, and Google search with video returns.

You need to be investing in the digital capture and showcasing of all of your work throughout the year, so that when people get to your website, they actually see what you're doing throughout the year, let alone just that remodeler showcase.

I'm always confused why a remodeler or a builder will invest so much time and energy in booths, remodelers showcases, parade of homes, and other events, but forget to do the simple behavior of capturing every single project and posting the photos on their website.

7, Google my Business Posts.

Google my business has a posting system that allows you to put services, products, team members, and events.

If you want to have a ton of success with your parade of homes or remodeler showcase, you've got to utilize your Google my business posting systems. In fact, I would recommend spending time posting about the remodeler showcase throughout the year, so that Google has a really good idea that this is something that you do.

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