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Google My Business Review Wordpress Plugin Review 2019

What's the Best Wordpress Plugin to Embed Google Reviews on your Wordpress Website Automatically?

The Best System to showcase the trust you've earned.

I love this Google Review Embedding Plugin by Rich Plugins because it helps create a SIMPLE, and effective way to maximize the efforts of getting Google Reviews. Remember, the most important thing a small business can do, is work hard to get more google reviews. See the photo below to see the importance, and then learn how to get more google reviews here.

Check out the Rich Plugins Google Review Wordpress Plugin Here

All right. Hey everybody. Rob Satrom, from Feedbackwrench, here. We're a digital marketing agency. We're gonna show you how you can embed a Google review on your WordPress website, like this. Here at, you go to reviews and on this page, I've got a legit new WordPress plugin that pulls all your Google My Business or Facebook but Google My Business reviews.

Here's what it looks like on my site, showing Feedbackwrench Reviews

It connects to Google directly. It pulls it all in and then puts them on your site. You can click on them too … It will open another tab, depending on how you set it up. And you can see the actual review 'cause one of the problems when it comes to reviews, is that if you've got your website and it just has these quotes and a picture, it looks phony.

Google My Business is incredibly important for a local small business. If you're a digital marketer, if you create websites or if you're a general contractor or construction, a service company or just a small business owner, I'm telling you, there's nothing more important right now than winning in Google My Business.

In fact, I did a video on how to use Google My Business with a Google Ad, in order to do this little strategy where once you click in, you can get your Google My Business to show up in an ad like this. Here I am, this is a great client of mine, Tidy Touch, they do some amazing work.

As I'm looking at them, over on the side, there's somebody whose decided to advertise. Now, look at how compelling that is for me to click on versus this company with no reviews. You have tones of good authentic reviews. When you click on them , you'll be able to go down and read the reviews. That wins trust.

It's incredibly important that you have a workflow in your business or in your clients. You need to coach your client's digital marketers to invest in your Google My Business. When you have your Google My Business, you're going to need to make sure that it's optimized. Heres one that we're just kinda getting started.

He has some reviews but heres how you optimize this. You have to have your location in there. Make sure that your people have a location. If you're doing Google My Business, you need to think through where your home office is gonna be. Get reviews, then once you've done that, you need to go into your info and fill out your services page.

Your services along with the signals you're going to get from … So, in service areas, that's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for the actual services. Here, we've gone in and added in some services but you need to communicate with your Google My Business profile and your website, what are the services that you have.

For example here, we know that the services we want to win with our core commercial keywords are driveways, right? Concrete driveways, concrete patios, concrete aprons, driveway aprons, that's where we wanna win. The website needs to communicate that. You need to have the address clicked over to your Google My Business account in the footer of your website, so that it's easy to see.

We're optimizing this right now, actually. You should not have a giant map like that. But back to the core thing, that's some advice if you're helping people. If you wanna put this on your website so when people come to your client's site or come to your site, they take a look at reviews.

Not only are they … All that work you're doing in Google My Business, so that you can win here, is also paying off as a easy thing on your website. This plugin is amazing. Heres the plugin, it's called RichPlugins. Now, I've been on the hunt for this for some time. There's a couple other plugins that can do this but this is a clean operating, easy to use for the most part, situation that will get you some success.

Here is what the review sliders look like in the Google Reviews Wordpress plugin

Now, when it comes to pricing, I want to say it's like 85. Let's see, you can do up to 15 sites for $200. I think that's the one that I did. You can do five sites for $120. They're getting a premium on here. It's worth the premium because it works. It's slick, it's easy, it seems like it's doing all the right things, so is where this is at.

Share this video. We want people to see it. Now, once you've installed the app, it's kind of an interesting deal. We're just doing some optimization on this site. When you get in here, you're gonna be able to go to … I think it's under settings. Google Reviews Business, the first thing you're going to do is you put in what's called your Google Places ID.

Heres a little tip, in your Google Places ID, it's not super easy to find. Head to Google, search your business, preferred one, concrete was the one that I did. And then, all I did was I right clicked or two finger clicked and I said view page source. And if you search in this page search, data/pid, data/pid, date/pid.

What you'll see here is you'll find this location extension. If you're looking for a way to use the RichPlugins and get the location … What is it? The location ID or whatever, it's not always super easy to find. You do that little search, you search your business, type data/pid, that'll pop up.

Once this is set up, you're gonna have a couple opportunities. First of all, you can do sliders, which is kind of nice to have on your home page, to have a slider. You could also do Facebook and Yelp reviews. There's a couple different themes and customizations you can have. You can have quite a few different things.

I tell you what, you're looking to put Google Reviews on your website, go to RichPlugins, check out their product. It's sweet, I've used it on a bunch of sites now. We really enjoy it and remember, help your small businesses by investing in Google My Business. And let's put an end to Thumbtack, Home Advisor, Angie's List, stealing business. I'm Rob Satrom from Feedbackwrench.

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