Capturing Client Comments & Feedback Using Figma Comments

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Capturing Client Comments & Feedback Using Figma

One of my favorite tools that I have recently discovered is called Figma.

Questions this answer:

  • What is a tool to gather comments & feedback on photos
  • How to share a web design and gather comments from multiple people
  • The best thing about Figma
  • How to examine a website and look for improvements using Figma

I learned about Figma because our web designer Daniel uses it as opposed to Adobe XD or some of the other websites' mockup available tools.

What is really interesting about Figma is that it is web-based and there is also a desktop app, and it is completely cloud-based.

There is a free version of Figma, a $12 a month plan, and a plan for larger businesses. The bottom line is that sigma is very expensive for just about anybody to use.

At first, I thought that Volkmer was just another design tool like Adobe Photoshop or maybe Adobe Illustrator, but I've come to find out that it is an extremely efficient and fast mark-up tool that can be utilized for many different purposes other than what its primary purpose is.

The famous primary purpose is a design tool to make websites, print design, and other graphic design elements.

When people get proficient in Figma, it is truly spectacular. A proficient fit my designer can move drastically fast in their production of websites, and other design things.

Even though Figma is really cool for full-fledged designers, I have come to find another little functionality that can be used for anybody who wants to get client feedback about images or designs.

In this case study, I'm going to show you how you could upload photos from a remodeling project or perhaps a custom home build or some other construction project, and you can get client or customer feedback easily about things.

In our specific case, we will be collaborating between a copywriter and the subject matter expert to highlight different areas and different features.

How to use Figma to collaborate between a designer and a copywriter

First, you will create a new project in Figma.

Then you will take the photos that you wish to comment on or talk about, and you will upload them into that project by simply dragging and dropping them. One thing that's kind of nice about Figma is when you select multiple photos at once, is that it will actually line them up in a really clean format.

After dropping the photos in, you can head up to the top of the page and hit the invite button, and add the subject matter expert's email. Whoever you share that link with will be able to come in and view the design or the photos or whatever else you placed into this project and once they're in, they can use the comment tool to leave highly detailed comments about particular features on the photo.

This is an excellent tool for remodeling companies that are hoping to really expound on the features of a remodeled space or a construction project since it's critically important to maximize every project.

To enhance our search engine optimization for a remodeler, we will be collaborating with the designer to talk about individual components of the remodel, and we will be referencing the project material list to get highly specific about what went into the project, and the niche keywords associated with every feature. This will allow us to create relevant, engaging, and highly detailed content as their blog service and we start with something that they already know about, the project that they completed.

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