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5 Adwords Sins: Google Adwords Optimization Tips

Google Adwords Tips 2018

There are two types of marketing; Inbound Marketing & Disruptive Marketing.Inbound Marketing is where a business seeks to create content that solves a query or question, so that they can be part of the solution to the question.Disruptive marketing is more traditional, where you advertise where an audience exists, such as Facebook, Instagram, the Television station or a newspaper. The idea here, is that while they're consuming content, your advertisement will disrupt their regular scheduled program and introduce your company or solution.

SEO and Adword

Google's main function is to connect web pages and Google My Business accounts to their search customers.A person will "Google" something, and then Google uses it's algorythms to serve up solutoins to those questions.SEO, or "search engine optimization" is all about positioning your website and online content as solutions to specific questions. Then, people will find your website and hopefully enter your sales cycle.Google allows people to create advertisements instead of organic SEO.Using Adwords, a company can choose a keyword, determine a region, create an Ad, and then connect them to a specific landing page when someone clicks the ad.Adwords Allows You To Control:

  1. What Keywords you will Target
  2. The Region Where the Adword Ad will Appear
  3. The Ad copy
  4. The bidding process
  5. The Landing Page

Long story short - you can pay to get your website solution in front of a query or question.

Controlling Adwords Costs

Google Adwords works.That's why it's becoming quite expensive in some sectors.Depending on the Google term, the industry, and the overall saturation of the market - Google Cost per click can cost nearly hundreds of dollars for special keywords.In this video, we provide a list of 5 ways people can waste their money in Adwords.

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