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4 Basic Steps to Massive Facebook Success

4 Steps for Massive Facebook Success

Before I give you the 4 Steps for Massive Facebook success, let me propose an idea to you:

Facebook is the best tool your small business, agency, or organization has to drive business.

What makes me say that?Because It's the most ubiquitous platform EVER, and yet you can skillfully deliver carefully crafted ads to a precise target group of people. More people are on Facebook than everyone that had ever watched the sitcom Friends, The Cosby Show, or Full House.It's like Advertising on the Most Popular Show in America, but you only pay for the eyes that "matter."It’s like hitting a marketing jackpot, it’s better than commercials on Friends back in the day!How big of a deal is it that you, a small organization, is able to present text, photos, video, and other posts right in front of your target audience in a simple, inexpensive way?To a baby boomer, gen-x’er, or xennial, it should be mind boggling.Facebook Advertising can get your brand, advertisements, and value proposition in front of a targeted group of people.And forget the notion that Facebook is only used by young people that don't have any money. Nothing can be further from the truth.The primary group of people using Facebook now are Baby Boomers, Gen X'ers and Xennials.Millennials are on snapchat and Instagram.

The Facebook Audience is tied to the most affluent demographics in America.

4 Basic Steps to Massive Facebook Success

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1 – Convert to using the Facebook Business Manager

When you first setup your organization page, you are given some really basic tools. You can boost, you can post, and you can upload media.But head over to and open a Business manager account to get access to the really juicy stuff.[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image align="center" src="" _builder_version="3.17.6"][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version="3.17.6"]

2 – Track Website Users

When you get the Business manager account, you can then install what’s called a “Facebook Pixel” on your website.The Facebook pixel is a small piece of code that resides on every page of your website, and it let’s the tech giant spy on your website users.More importantly, it allows you to install a cookie into your website visitors browser.Once the browser cookie is installed, you can do step 3.Want to maximize Facebook for your business?You NEED A FACEBOOK PIXEL installed on your website.How can you see if your website has one?Quick open up your website.

Once it’s open, right-click somewhere in the open part of the site. Don’t click on images or anything.Go to “View Page Source”In another tab, a whole bunch of code will pop up.Go to that page and search, by hitting control (apple) “F”. This will bring up the search box.Now type in the “pixel”.

You should see a little piece of code talking about “facebook pixel” and about a 10 digit number.If your search comes up empty, you’ll know there is no pixel installed and you should call FeedbackWRENCH to get yours setup.

3 – Target Your Posts and Ads to Custom Audiences

In the regular facebook pages system, you could boost posts to groups of people by age, area and some other metrics.Once you’ve installed the Facebook Pixel, you can now create specific audiences, or “custom audiences” that you’ll serve up ads to.Here are some different audiences you can target:

  • Visitors to your website
  • Visitors to a specific we page
  • People who’ve clicked on your posts
  • People who have watched specific Facebook Videos
  • Customer CSV lists.

That’s right, by installing the pixel, you can now start segmenting custom audiences from website visitors, and then serve up Ads and posts directly to those users.Targeting Web Traffic with Facebook Posts Allows You To:

  • Stay top of mind to Google Traffic
  • Maximize your Paid Search Traffic
  • Dominate Google My Business Visitors
  • Target specific product interests

4 – Track and Automate with Activecampaign or Hubspot

You should be using sales automation tools and a CRM to keep your brand, your value proposition, and important information in front of your clients.Besides sending out an email newsletter, and helping you pro-actively communicate to prospects, you could also be tracking when your list of prospects does a number of things.Activecampaign or Hubspot can be the best $50-$100 a month you can spend.Here are some things you’ll be able to do with these tools:Hubspot:

  • Log Notes and Automatically Log emails from Gmail & Office 365 to contacts
  • Get notified the moment someone actually opens your email.
  • Get notified the moment someone goes to your website
  • Show where each new lead came from, Google search, paid google, bing, or social
  • Show every page they visit on your website
  • Create email templates with personalization that can be sent AS YOU - not in mass email style that get's filtered out
  • Create Mass emails to your lists
  • Put a message function on your website that get's logged in your CRM

And so much more.Hubspot is about the BEST tool at the low and high budgets, and we're experts at helping you implement it.Activecampaign:Activecampaign allows many of the same things, but it allows users access to more sophisticated options at a much lower price. Many of the upper eschelon sales automation options on Hubspot, that would cost much more, are available to Activecampaign for very cheap comparatively.

Get a Facebook Advertising Audit

There's a huge difference between "basic" Facebook advertising, and wise Facebook advertising. Submit your website and Facebook page to us, and we'll perform an Audit within 24 hours to find opportunities.

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