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PPC Paid Advertising

Learn how to use paid advertising, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Facebook Ads.

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Will Google ad campaigns help with organic SEO?

Here's how Google Ads will and will not help with your SEO or Organic traffic on the search engine result pages

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10 Google My Business or Google Review Hacks to Rank on Google Maps & the Local Snippet 2020

Small Business Local SEO is all about Google My Business. Here are 10 Google My Business Optimizations and Google Maps SEO to help you rankin the local google maps or local snippet.

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Small Business 2020: Why Youtube is Better than Linkedin Facebook and Instagram

Let me clearly explain why Youtube is far superior to Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram for your small business digital marketing in 2020 and later

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5 Real Estate Lead Generation Strategies for the 20's

5 Strategies: 20's Lead Generation for Real Estate & Realtors should be about Paid Search, PPC, Remarketing & AI Based Lead Nurturing.

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