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There's a number of things that we can learn, here are a variety of things we have learned as we've built our agency

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Gather Client Comments & Feedback Using FIgma for Cheap

How to comment on a photo and allow others to comment on a photo using FIGMA - Here's how copywriters, photographers, web design, and other designers can get client feedback

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Why is my Website Slow? Image and Photo Size and How to Fix

Looking to have your site ranking higher in the SERPs? Try shrinking down big pictures. Big photos hurt SEO efforts.

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Gmail on Outlook SETUP & Login Popup Error: FIX FOUND

I'll show you How to fix the Gmail on Outlook error where a username and password login pops up and prevents the smtp login. We put together screenshots & a video explaining it

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Adding Admins to Google Analytics, Domains, Ads, Facebook & Godaddy


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