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March 26, 2021

The Duplex Doctors

Command market share of Duplex & Multi-Family buyers & sellers

Feedbackwrench has helped the Duplex Doctors dominate the niche small multi family market in Realty for over 4 years. We've created a high converting website, massively effective Google Ads, Remarketing campaigns and long-term SEO. We've also provided video support for the team.

A High Converting Real Estate IDX Website

We transformed the Duplex Doctors website into a high converting IDX website, utilizing IDX Broker widgets, our Feedbackwrench website platform and SEO friendly site structure. One obstacle we needed to overcome was to keep the website simple, high-converting for paid ads, while maintaining the IDX system.  We've accomplished this in some fantastic ways.

Search Query Domination

We've helped The Duplex Doctors rank on the first page of Google and Bing, for many keywords relevant to their niche such as "minneapolis duplexes for sale", "St. Paul Duplexes for Sale", and many others. Besides working to build up our search engine optimization, we've also provided

Market Share vs. Zillow, Redfin, Realtor.com

Paid search and SEO is difficult in the real estate space, particularly when you're competing agains Zillow, Red Fin, and Realtor.com. We've been able to obtain 30-40% total clickshare while driving contact forms, IDX registrations and phone calls.

Maximizing Organic & Paid Traffic with Facebook Retargeting

We've been able to drive $15 conversions through Facebook retargeting. A strategic call to action, controlled cost ads, and a focus on the customer has lead to the Duplex Doctors being the #1 agents for small multi family in both St Paul and Minneapolis for years.

Showcase the Properties They've Sold to Convey Trust They've Earned

Most realtors just use the MLS system, and they do nothing to show the treasure trove of work they've done, by highlighting the properties they've sold. We built a simple, yet intuitive and compelling system to show the portfolio of homes sold, in order to build up their "resume" of success.

Command the Market Share While Closing More Sales

Closing More Sales

Our work with messaging, calls to action, and building up trust signals, we've helped The Duplex Doctors close more of th traffic that ocmes to the website.

Market Leading Ads & Marketting to Support the Market Leaders

for over a decade, The Duplex Doctors have been the #1 seller of Duplexes, Triplexes and Quads in Minneapolis, and St. Paul.. We've been able to amplify this, even as the competition has grown in the space.

300% Increase in Sales

The botom line is that we've been able to grow their sales over 300%, helping them through diverse market conditions and cycles.

Jason Reed RE/MAX Testimonial