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March 26, 2021

Junk Removal Company

Dominate the junk industry in the worlds toughest market (crush the market leader)

Junk Xpress wanted to grow, but their current Search Ads & Website were missing the point. They were wasting money, losing revenue, and missing out on market share. Feedbackwrench helped them dominate the toughest junk market in San Francisco, and take back market share from the industry leader.

Conversions - ROI - Systemic Growth

Junk Xpress competes for market share against the largest junk removal company in the world, and happens to be situated in that industry leader's largest market - San Francisco Californis.


  • Gain Market Share & Grow Revenue 300%
  • Drastically Improve Google Ads Performance
  • Create Systems for Multiple Franchises
  • Cleverly Gain Click & Impression Share from Competitor's Marketing
  • Create Simple Sales Tracking System
  • Build Customer Review Software
  • Showcase Reviews


  • Customer Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Google Ads Overhaul
  • Conversion Tracking & Precise Goal Tracking
  • Hubspot CRM for Sales Team
  • New Website
  • New Call Tracking & Recording System
  • Remarketing & Retargeting
  • Develop Bing Search Strategy


  • 300% Increase in Revenue
  • Obtained 35% click share of the Google Ad search market
  • Over 85% Impression Share & Top Impression Share
  • Controlled Cost Per Acquisition
  • Hyper Local Domination and a 120% Increase in Customer Reviews
  • Drastic increase in ROI

Search Term Domination

We took over the core commercial keywords, as well as the competitors branded search - all with controlled cost per acquisition & cost per click.

Grab Market Share in a Profitable Manner

We've worked to command market share from the market leader, at a high ROI. Using sector keywords, and competitors branded keywords, every week we command over 80% impression share and 30% or more of all clicks occurring in Google ads (as well as bing)

Sales Tracking, Reporting & CRM

Junk Xpress needed a way for their sales force to stay organized, track revenue, and monitor marketing activities.

Hyper Growth with Profitability

Get Leads but Control Costs

We've been able to accomplish dominance while simultaneously achieving a strong cost per lead cost.

120% More Reviews Using Feedbackwrench

Junk Xpress uses the Feedbackwrench customer review system within their website to automatically text, email and request customer feedback and then Facebook, Google, and Yelp Reviews.

Bing, Google & Facebook Ads

We drastically improved the Google Ad execution, but also brought remarketing & high roi Microsoft ads up to the same caliber. The result has been an increase in closed leads and decrease in average lead acquisition costs.