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March 26, 2021

Fredrickson Masonry

300% increase in the best kind of customers for Fredrickson Masonry

We worked with Fredrickson Masonry to identify the most important types of jobs, and then build out a web presence, with messaging and trust factors that would grow market share of the Chimney Repair business in the South Metro. The results have been a consistent flow of the best types of customers, leading to rapid & consistent  long term growth.

Simple Website Design & Focus

After our workshop with Dylan, we discovered that the best kind of customers for Fredrickson Masonry would be people who need repairs on their chimney masonry such as tuck pointing, brick repair, and leaking chimneys. We quickly built a simple website while helping with backlinks and off-site SEO.

Paid Ads for Market Share Domination

After setting the website and SEO footprint, and creating some consistent steps forward, we used paid search advertising to strategically, and economically snatch up the market share in the south metro and across the most important regions of the Twin Cities.

Trust Factors & Reviews

We work with Fredrickson Masonry to help obtain reviews, post his completed jobs, and keep up the portfolio system on the website.  This leads to a consistent flow of leads.

Receive Sophisticated Marketing for Cheap

For the cost of a $12.50 employee, the company is able to get the Advertising, SEO, Website and Ongoing Support equal to a team of employees.

Focus on Your Business

Fredrickson Masonry doesn't need to spend time or effort outside of their strengths because our team helps them do what we plan.

Gain Employees & Consulting

We also work with Fredrickson Masonry to help attract additional laborers and masons to the team, all while providing coaching & consulting.

Tripling Revenue & Sales to Achieve their Goals

Enough Sales to Fuel Massive Growth

Fredrickson Masonry is swimming in a consistent stream of high quality leads, enough that they continue to increase the size of their team and margins.

Convey Trust to Close More Sales

We've worked with Fredrickson Masonry to showcase their projects and build up their reviews easily over the years, which means they close more of the right kind of sales.

An Enjoyable Relationship

We've built a strong relationship with Fredrickson Masonry, and we're incredibly thankful for the opportunities we've had to help them grow their business.